We are sourcing a wide range of yarns from around the world according to the needs of our customers.

Products & Capabilities:

  • Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Modal, Slub, Spandex, Nebs
  • Construction: Single Jersey, Ribs, Interlock, Fleece, Pique
  • Weights:Single Jersey from 90gsm to 3threads fleece 400gsm

Machinery & Capacity:

There are 5 circular machines in the department

Daily Capacity: 2 tons : 2.5 tons based on the type of the fabric.

We are planning to increase our Machinery and capacity within the coming year to reach 5tons.


Every roll of fabric is subjected to manual in-line and end-line inspection via our internal 4 point check system.

Dyeing and Finishing

The Dyeing and Finishing of our goods is an essential component to our production process. This stage is conducted by a series of dye houses in Egypt; the section of dye houses is based upon the fabrication, construction and contents of the fabric. We ensure that our goods are proceeding by the dye house that adds quality to what we produce.


Dye houses are using the latest machinery, automated technology and best raw materials undoubtedly helps in ensuring consistent quality however we do not take anything for granted and every dyed batch is checked internally by our QC to ensure color matching.


Once the fabric is received from the dye house it is laid on the cutting tables and the markers are placed on top ready for the cutting process to begin.

Products, Machinery & Capacity:

Number of Tables: 2 tables with automatic spreaders for solid color fabrics and 1 pinning tables for striped fabrics.

Daily Capacity: 25000pcs pieces of solid colors and 3000 striped garments.


We brought the latest advanced printing machine in order to achieve all our customers' requirements with guaranteed results on all types of fabrics.

Products & Capabilities

  • Ink Type: Water based, Plastisol, Discharge
  • Techniques: High build, Flock , Foil, Puff, Glitter
  • Color Options: we can print up to 18 colors

Machinery & Capacity

Machinery Type: ADELCO "Oval"

Daily Capacity: 8000 pieces of wet print.


All printing includes the use of PVC and phthalate free inks and Formaldehyde free discharges. All garments are visually inspected and chemically tested through 3rd party accredited labs.


Our sewing department has the ability to produce about 260,000 pieces per month. The There are over 200 sewing machines in the sewing department, In addition to various pressing, packing and metal detection equipment.

  • Type of Machinery: Overlock, Lock stitch, Double Needle, Automatic Hemming, Heat seal, Metal Detection
  • Machinery Brand: Siruba, Juki, Kingtex
  • Daily Capacity:: 10,000pcs


A quality control team is setup on every sewing line and 100% garment inspection takes place at the end of each line. The first garments off the line will be inspected against the approved sample.